Report and Evaluation of the Congress

As the hosts for the 6th World Congress on Conductive Education we can present the evaluation on the congress we held 19-22, August 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

After many months of planning, hard working and worrying, today we can feel proud of the result of the arrangement. 241 person from 21 countries participated at the congress. Conductors, doctors, physiotherapists, teachers, parents and challenged individuals were sharing thoughts and ideas with each other.

The Opening Ceremony

We had an excitingly delicious dinner with high quality entertainment at the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg. It was fantastic to see guests, friends and colleagues from all around the world meet and have a memorable evening together. Her majesty Queen Silvia being the patron of the Congress raised the congress to an even higher standard, showing the respect and acceptance of the Swedish society. His Excellency Gábor Iklódy Ambassador of Hungary opened the Congress and gave us the encouraging words from István Hiller Minister of Education and Culture of Hungary.
Göran Lindblad, Member of Parliament (m), Chairman of The Swedish Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Vice President of PACE was welcoming our guests with his humoristic and enthusiastic thoughts.
Ildikó Kozma, Former General Director of the International Peto Institute, and outstanding representative also addressed the public with her kind words.

The following proud and touched colleagues received their diplomas as honorary conductors:

Margit Balogh - Hungary
Gabriella Földiné Németh - Hungary
Lena Lind - Sweden
Ole Reidar Myrlander - Norway
Peter von Quadt - Germany
Janne Christine Riise - Norway
Rony Schenker - Israel
Ivan Yuen Wang Su - Hong-Kong

The Congress

We had the possibility to listen to up to date information on the science of Conductive Education, Medicine and Pedagogic by:
  • Jan Arvidsson MD
    Medical Director of Child and Youth Habilitation
    Jönköping, Sweden

  • Prof. Erzsébet Balogh MD
    Pediatrician and Neurologist, Pediatric Neurologist
    Retired Research and Medical Director of the IPI
    Honorary Conductor
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Anna Beke MD
    Assistant Professor
    Semmelweis Medical School,
    1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Melanie Brown PhD
    Director & Senior Conductor
    National Institute of Conductive Education
    Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • Prof. Hans Forssberg MD, PhD
    Neuropediatrics, Karolinska Institute
    Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Julia Horváth PhD
    Head of Conductive Education Department
    Conductors College, International Peto Institute
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Gunnar Hägglund MD, PhD
    Orthopedic Surgeon
    University Hospital
    Lund, Sweden

  • Prof. Ildikó Kozma MA
    Professor of Conductive Education
    Former General Director of the International Peto Institute
    Conductive Education Consultant
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Jo Lebeer MD PhD
    Professor Coordinator Comenius Network Includes,
    Associate Professor Disability Studies Faculty
    of Medicine University of Antwerp
    Antwerp, Belgium

  • Dr. Lena Lind PhD
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Jönköping
    Jönköping, Sweden

  • Zita Makói MD PhD, Rector
    International Peto Institute
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Johan Malmqvist PhD
    Senior Lecturer
    School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
    University College of Borås
    Borås, Sweden

  • Mrs Agnetha Mbuyamba
    Chairman of the Board
    The National Association
    for Disabled Children and Young People (RBU)
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Rony Schenker, PhD. OTR
    Professional Director
    Head of Conductive Education Training Program
    Tsad Kadima (A step forward)
    The Association for the Advancement of Conductive Education in Israel

  • Eszter Horváth Tóthné
    President & Senior conductor
    Director of Move & Walk
    Gothenburg, Sweden

In a form of parallel sessions we received information of a very wide scale of knowledge and experience. More than 60 lectures from 18 countries presented their work, ideas and development. 10 films and 25 poster presentations highlighted the quality of the congress.

The Opened Discussion

“Tradition and Future” the motto of the congress became actual throw the discussion. We changed experiences from the traditional practice of Conductive Education and ended our discussion with the question of the future of the method and its practice all around the world. We all agreed in the need of evidence based evaluation and became inspired of the information we received.

The boat trip to the Älvsborgs Fästning

In a wonderful weather we took a boat from our congress centre and after a 20- minute-trip on the river with a view of Gothenburg we arrived at an exciting island. We had an enjoyable evening in a castle from the XVI century. Dinner, music and good company made this night unforgettable.

The Evaluation

To be able to listen and learn from the response of the congress participants we asked everybody to fill in a questioner. 61 answers were received.

In a scale of 5, with 5 being the best possible score and one representing the lowest possible score, we have received the following mediate rates.

• Organization of the congress : 3,8 points
• The quality of the information presented: 3,4 points
• The quality of the plenary speakers on Monday: 3,4 points
• The quality of the plenary speakers on Tuesday: 3,7 points
• Overall view opinion of the congress: 3,6 points

Some of the participants wrote some words beside the points:

• Brilliant!
• High standard!
• Fantastic!
• Lots of fun!
• What a fantastic staff!

There were a couple of wishes for future congresses:
• Group work/workshops
• More time for lectures
• More participation of other professions
• German translation
• Available written material
• Better organization for poster discussion

The ideas above might be able to help our colleagues in Hong-Kong, who won the honor to arrange the 7th World Congress in 2010.

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